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Ami Vitale

Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction

An overview of the SAVE programme in Nepal and India.

Saving Asia's Vultures from Extinction

Vultures: nature’s rubbish collectors who never strike

A film released on the BBC Worldwide website highlights the role of vultures in the environment and the problems that they face. RSPB and SAVE had major input to this. Visit the BBC page and play the powerful 4 minute video: here

The Last Hope

The story of vulture decline in the Indian subcontinent and the work of the Birdlife partner BNHS and Mahseer Conservancy to create awareness about diclofenac use in treating cattle as a painkiller drug throughout India and how it has been responsible for the decline of vultures.  A film by Neloy Banerjee.

The Last Hope

Vanishing Vultures of Bangladesh

A short film by Mr Enam Ul Haque documenting the vulture declines of Bangladesh, the principal cause and possible solutions.

Vanishing Vultures of Bangladesh
Eyewitness accounts from Uttarakhand and Gujarat (Ananya Mukherjee, 2012)

Eye-witness testimonials tell us about the environmental goods and services that vultures provide by being nature’s most efficient cleaners:  preventing the spread of infectious disease and reducing air and water pollution. Local people talk about thousands of vultures over a decade ago, but now numbers have significantly dropped giving rise to several problems. Rotting carcasses, a rise in the number of feral dogs leading to an increase in rabies, and other related problems. 

Hathidagar, Uttarakhand 1
Hathidagar, Uttarakhand 2
Dhabla Panjarapole, Gujarat 1
Dhabla Panjarapole, Gujarat 2
Breeding Centre videos

The following four videos of white-rumped vuture chicks were taken by the BNHS staff team at Pinjore.

White-rumped vulture chick in early stages of hatching
White-rumped vulture chick in final stages of hatching
Feeding a white-rumped vulture chick
A white-rumped vulture chick feeding
Other videos
Frequently Ignored Questions with Raghav Mandava

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